David Stockwell

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling provides a safe, confidential space free of judgement. At times, life can be challenging for any number of reasons - talking about it can help.

I am a Registered Member (Accredited) of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy working in Sevenoaks and online.

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Counselling aims to provides a relationship that can be used for personal growth - Carl Rogers

David Stockwell

David Stockwell MBACP

I am a Registered Member (Accredited) of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

My training and primary orientation is psychodynamic and I work to the BACP's Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and Professional Conduct Procedures.

I hold a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling awarded by The Counselling Centre in Tunbridge Wells, a BACP accredited institution and I am committed to continual professional development.

In addition to private practice, I have experience of working within organisational settings.



Why counselling?

There are many reasons that people seek out counselling.

At times we may experience difficult emotions which we struggle to control. We may know why, or it may be a mystery to us. Wrestling with these feelings may give rise to anxiety or feeling withdrawn and low.

We may also have long-standing difficulties, stemming from past experiences, that constrain our lives and compromise our relationships. Abuse, bullying and neglect can have a deep and lasting impact on our emotional wellbeing.

These emotional difficulties can have an impact on many aspects of life: sexuality, relationships, family, work, diet and physical health.

Counselling aims to understand and alleviate these difficulties.

How does it help?

Counselling provides a time and place to explore your emotions and experiences without judgement.

The opportunity to express yourself in this way can be beneficial in itself.

Counselling also aims to facilitate an understanding of how our feelings are connected to our experiences, our circumstances and our expectations.

In essence, counselling is a relationship that provides a platform for understanding yourself and your situation and making the changes that you wish to make.

Where do I begin?

Starting with counselling may seem a daunting prospect and you may not be sure yet whether it’s right for you.

Following a brief introductory phone call, I find it beneficial to have an initial consultation where we can work together to figure out whether counselling is appropriate, and also whether you feel comfortable working with me.

There’s no obligation to proceed beyond this point. If we do decide to work together, whether for a short time or in an open-ended manner, we can review our progress regularly.

If we agree to continue beyond our first consultation, we’ll meet weekly at the same time and on the same day of the week for a 50-minute session. I am also able to offer twice-weekly sessions if preferred.

What does it cost?

Each session costs £60 in person or £50 online.

Initial consultations are charged at £60 in person or £50 if online.

Where are you?


I work from a consulting room in Sevenoaks, just off from Dartford Road (A225).

I also offer online counselling over Skype or Zoom.

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